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Online Data Extractor FAQs

  1. Can data from these applications be exported to MS-Excel and / or MS-Access ?

    Yes, you can export those emails saved in CSV file to excel, access or any database.

  2. Do we need to have a High speed internet connection to run the program?

    High Speed internet connection is recommended but not required. If you have dialup connection then it will not work fast. You can try the trial version.

  3. Why Error Connecting Site:

    There are 3 possibilities:

    1. Make sure you have an active internet connection.
    2. If you use proxy then enter proxy data in New Extraction Settings - Connection Tab.
    3. If you use any firewall or security software like ZoneAlarm, Mcafee then set them to allow the program to access internet.

  4. What if the product is not what I expected? Is there a guarantee, or refund policy?

    We do not refund after we send unlock key because key is not returnable. We have released the program as Shareware and users can try the fully functional version before purchase for 14 days. Technical support is available during evaluation.

  5. How can I extract phone and fax number from this database which has around 6000 entries?

    You need to make a text file with list of URL for every page 0-9...Z. using the URL Generator tool found under search option when you select the Source option "URLs from File" in New Extraction Settings dialog window.
    Select this file as a source "URLs from file" in the New Extraction Settings window. Go to the Tag tab in the New Extraction Settings window and Add two tags in the Telephone Tags box Phone: and Tel: Add one tag in the Fax Tags box Fax: Remember all tags with colon(:) because in your database tag used for the phone and fax is Phone: Tel: Fax:
    Press the save button there to save the tags and that's it -- you will get your result.

  6. I'm looking to extract the fax numbers from the agents listed on this website however the fax numbers are located in each individual agents website. I'm basically looking to get all data from 0-9 to Z by following one link deep (to each agents full website but no further)?

    Make a URL list as follows:

    In the New Extraction Settings dialog window General Tab --> Select WebSites/Dirs/Groups as a source --> put one URL at a time. Select No. of pages to be processed 1 in the Spidering Option. Go to External Site tab --> Check Follow external URLs. That's it. Press Ok.

  7. I have a need to look for example florists in France, which is "fleuriste", but could be found in the French language in other countries 
    How do I just select .fr and .com sites?
    How do I filter out .ca, .ch and .be sites?
    How do I filter out sites with the word "Canada", "Belgium" and "Suisse"?

    Go to Domain/URL Filter tab in New Extraction Settings Dialog window. Then keep only those domain (like .fr, .br, .ca etc) into the Valid domain list and delete the rest. Then Save the list. 
    In the Search Engine List dialog (You will find a button Select Search Engine under the keyword box of General Tab)  select the Search Engine from France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland etc.
    Put the keyword fleuriste in the keyword box. If you want to search both English and French then put both keywords as
    Remember one keyword per line. Then Press OK..

  8. When the file is saved to text or excel or any format can you:
    > 1.  get all the information (email, phone and fax) on one spreadsheet;
    > 2.  can you get the information broken down into different files for different applications?

    1. Yes, you can get all the information email, phone and fax in one spreadsheet when you export the data in excel, text or any other format. What you have to do is just merge the data after extraction complete then you export the merged data in a file. To merge the data just go to Merged List tab and press the button Merge in the toolbar.
    2. Yes, you can save data for different extraction in different files.

  9. I want to  the Suzuki auto dealer in Germany from the site

    Well, this site is programmatic and database site and they use template to display the data. So spider cannot extract data directly from them. You need to generate URL list to extract data. After generating URL save the list in one simple text file. Then select this file as a source of URL list and extract data. You have to enter one tag FON: in phone/fax tag tab of New Extraction Settings window because it is in German language. So program can extract phone using this tag. Here is the sample of URL list:

  10. How do I export the extracted emails into outlook.?

    Open the program Microsoft Outlook Express. Go to menu File --> Import --> Other Address Book.. Select Text File (comma separated values). Choose the file to import. Press Next. Then select the emails you want to import them click Finish.

  11. We want to extract all email addresses that end in - or We only want to extract them for UK sites. What settings should we use?

    You need to select UK engine list in New Extraction Settings Dialog - Select Search Engines dialog. Then enter .uk filter in New Extraction Settings Dialog - Email Filter - Email Must Contain box.

  12. Search Google w/a keyword likely to be used by the company for employee email addresses. For instance "".

    In new session dialog - keyword box enter click OK.

  13. I want to get email from a specific site such as a university. I only want emails within the site such as

    In New Extraction Settings Dialog - Source (WebSite/Dirs/Groups) - Initial Address enter and click OK. If you want all extracted email should be from domain then enter in New Extraction Settings Dialog - Email Filter - Email Must Contain Box.

  14. I'm trying to build up an email mailing list from the websites that link to the top 100 websites for a particular search term. e.g. search engine is Google, search term is widgets the top 100 sites listed in Google's search results for this search term all have websites that link to them I want to extract the email addresses of these websites. Can this be done, if so how?

    To extract only top 100 google search result, select only google in New Extraction Settings Dialog - Select Search Engine.

  15. I am trying to extract all the emails that are from nonprofit organizations in Israel how do I do that?

    You need to enter in Keyword box of New Extraction Settings Dialog. To get more result, select all engine list in Search Engine List dialog.

  16. I am trying to extract email addresses but the system I am using has a proxy so how do I connect and extract.

    You can add proxy data in New Extraction Settings Dialog - Connection tab. Ask your system admin / isp for correct proxy data.

  17. I need to extract emails of Architects and Engineers of the sites of search engineers of Portugal

    In New Extraction Settings Dialog - Search Engine List Dialog - select Portugal search engine listing and Click OK button there. Now in New Extraction Settings Dialog - Keyword box, type your target keyword ...(e.g. architects).

  18. Can your software be used to target specific market niches? For example my market is financial planners and insurance agents.

    You can extract using search keyword. For example: Enter financial planners, insurance agents in New Extraction Settings Dialog - General Tab - Keyword box. Program will query popular search engines to compile a list of urls of those keyword and finally visit those sites for data extraction.

  19. I want to extract emails from search engines for the MINING and EXPLORATION websites. i.e.: gold, minerals, mining, exploration, investors, stock exchange, stock market, investment.

    Open New Extraction Setting Dialog Box. In the General Tab Select Search Engine as a Source --> In the Keyword Box type mining. If you want to search all the search engines press the button Select Search Engines. It will open Search Engine List dialog window. If you want to search your keyword from all the search engine then check all the search engine or if you optimize your search from selected or popular search engines (like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.) then select your choice. Then Press OK. It will extract all the sites found related to your keyword (mining) and extract emails from them.
    After extraction complete then follow the same with your other keywords like exploration, gold, minerals, mining, exploration, investors, stock exchange, stock market, investment.
    You can enter multiple keywords at a time but remember one keyword per line in the keyword box just as follows:

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