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Online Data Extractor Quick Start - How to extract data from websites or directories.

The Online Data Extractor allows you to extract company contact data (like email, phone and fax number) from search engine results, websites, directories or from specific list of web page URLs for direct email marketing. It also allows  you to extract meta tag (title, description, keywords etc.) for search engine optimization, website promotion and internet research.

Step 1 - Install Online Data Extractor

Download Online Data Extractor installation package from: Launch ode40.exe on your computer.

Step 2 - Launch Online Data Extractor


Load the New Extraction Settings window by clicking the New button....

Step 3 - Create Extraction Settings

3-1 Select the "Options" button to WebSite/Dirs/Groups.
3-2 Enter the initial URL in the url box.
3-3 Program will retrieve html/text pages of the website according to the Depth you specified and extract all data found in those pages.
# By default, program will stay only the current domain. 
# program can also follow external sites! 
If you want the program to retrieve files of external websites that are linked from starting site specified in New Extraction Settings Dialog - General tab, then you need to set "Follow External URLs" of "External Site" tab. In this case, by default, program will follow external sites only once, that is - (1) program will process starting address and (2) all external sites found in starting address. It will not follow all external sites found in (2) and so on...
Online Data Extractor is powerful website spider, if you want the program to follow external sites with unlimited loop, select "Unlimited" in "Spider External URls Loop" combo box, and remember you need to manually stop program session, because this way program can travel entire internet.
3-4 Press OK


    Choose yahoo, domz or other directory and get all data from there.

    Lets say you want to extract data of all companies listed at

    Action #1A: Select 2nd option "WebSite/Dir/Groups" - enter this URL in "Starting Address" box - select "Process First Page Only"

    Or, lets say you want to extract data of all companies listed at

    plus all down level folders like


    Action #1B: Select 2nd option "WebSite/Dir/Groups" - enter URL in "Starting Address" box - select Depth=0 and "Stay within Full URL" option.

    With these actions program will download ttp://
    page and optionally all down level pages and will build a URLs list of companies listed there.

    Now you want the program to visit all those URLs and extract all data found in those sites.
    Action #2: So after either above action you must move to "External Site" tab and check "Follow External URLs" option. (Remember: this setting tells the program to process/follow/visit all URLs found while processing "Starting Address" of "General" tab).

Step 4 - Watch the activity

Now your settings is ready to begin.
Sit back and watch the activity window and the data panel before your very eyes!


Step 5 - Save your data

After extraction completed, you can save data in different format by clicking the Save button in toolbar menu.
5-1 Select the options in Separator Format.
5-2 Select the checkbox fields that you want to save. Select only Email if you want to save only the emails.
5-3 Specify the file name. Check the box Append to file if you want to append data in your existing file.
5-4 Press the button Save.
Note: You can save selected records or all records by selecting the options (All or Selected).



If you have any problems, please refer to FAQs or email us.

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