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Online Data Extractor - Extract and collect email, phone and fax numbers, URLs, meta tag from websites using keywords

Online Data Extraction is a kind of information retrieval whose goal is to automatically extract company contact information (email, phone and fax numbers), URL and meta tag (title, description, keywords) from web data sources. You can easily create your own data (mailing list, seo optimization list etc.) easily with online data extractor and save or export data in different format (.txt, .csv, .xls, .htm). Online data extractor program is ideal for new and growing business which helps them how to get an edge over their competitors.

Online Data Extractor makes your web data extraction simple, easy, robust, flexible and easy to use system for collecting, retrieving and mining email, phone and fax numbers, URL, title, keywords, description, content from web sites and directories, search engines, or from a list of URLs source of data.

Online Data Extraction Scheme - Collect Email, phone, fax. url, meta tag from internet

Using online Data Extractor you can simply extract email, phone and fax numbers for your internet email marketing. You can easily build a list of emails of prospective clients for the promotion and distribution of your products and services. By extracting meta tag (title, description, keywords) from internet search engines, websites, directories, or from html web pages, you can easily use your own unique Search Engine Placement Techniques. The aim of this Search Engine Optimization is to present you with a competitive solution to increase the traffic to your web site through Search Engines and thereby attract new clients.

Program has various filter options and preferences to restrict data extraction process like - domain filter, Spam email filter, url filter, page text filter, data modified, etc. It support user-selectable retrieval threads, timeout, proxy and many other advanced technique. 

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Features of the powerful Online Data Extractor are:

  1. Easily extract Email addresses from the search engine's result using keywords.
  2. Also collect Phone and Fax numbers with their URL, title.
  3. Easily harvest URL, Meta Tag (title, description, keywords etc.) from web pages for website promotion and search engine optimization or  web research.
  4. You can use multiple keywords for your extraction process, but one keyword per line.
  5. Can extract data individually or at the same time all together.
  6. Extract data from websites, directories or from list of URLs.
  7. Supports multiple output formats (Text file, Excel, CSV file, HTML, Custom output).
  8. Many filters option or preferences to only extract data you want.
  9. Integrated merging environment for data mining capabilities.
  10. Automatically follow links to extract from entire domains.
  11. Search multiple search engines (more than 300) from different countries (40) for keyword search.
  12. Save or Export results directly to Microsoft Excel, simple text file, .csv format and html format.
  13. Very fast processing, multi-threaded application.
  14. Runs on any PC machine.
  15. Use the fully functional - trial version for 14 days.


Some of the benefits of Online Data Extractor:

  1. Email Campaigns, email marketing, Email mining and customized list making
  2. Web Research, Internet research, Web Data Extraction, Data Mining Services
  3. Internet Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Content Production
  4. Easy no technical skill required

System Requirements

Online Data Extractor runs on all Windows systems:
  1. Windows 98/ME/2000/NT, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  2. 128 MB of RAM (256 or more recommended).
  3. Internet Connection.

You may download the trial, and evaluate the software, after downloading run the self-executable file to install. Single User license is only $149.90

For full details we recommend that you download the software and try it out, and also read along with our help file.

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